Ruth Willis Art

Ruth was born in Cumbria and now lives in Suffolk.

She took up painting for her own enjoyment and discovering people liked her work, decided to do an art foundation course at Suffolk College, where she passed with Distinction.

There is no special meaning to her work, she does it to satisfy her own need to interpret the joy she gets from looking at the world around her.

Often painting to music, she records her memories, feelings, colours and rhythm.

She works mostly in oils.


Solo Show.                                                    

Aldeburgh Gallery. 2012. 


Shared Exhibitions:


Success After Stroke.Sudbury. 2013

Asylum Gallery, Bentwaters, Suffolk.2013.

Dunthwaite House, Cumbria. 2013. 

Julie Phipps, Whitstable. 2013.

Art For Cure. Woodbridge. May. 2014.

From The Model.Bentwaters.July 2015.

drawn to black and white.Aldeburgh. March 2016

S.A.S. Sudbury. March 2016.

Art For Cure. Glemham hall. May 2016

Birdie Fortescue. Norfolk. May 2016.

Kelling Designs Ltd. Oct 2017

S.A.S. Sudbury.  March 2018.  

Birdie Fortescue.Norfolk. April 2018.